Raining Pleasure – Love Me


The poet’s says:
«I think I don’t like poetry!
I don’t like poetry!
But there is nothing-like
A sacred, clever, nice and lovely line…»
The singer says:
«oh, shame! Humiliation!
I’ve got a microphone but nothing else,
I’ve nothing to say at all!»


One look in your eyes was enough
To geld all dawns and quench all sunsets
Beware the love (one step at a time)
-ever heard about castration?
It’s too soon, don’t ask me to go.
I don’t yet know why I wanna stay
Just, love me love me love me


The reader says:
«my god, I read a book,
The writer’s dead! And,
I’m feeling so betrayed
I’m feeling scared and sad and lonely!»
The lover says:
«I think we started the wrong way ‘
So we ended up wrong.
But you still run in my blood,
So twist the knife and love me till I bleed»


The d.j. says:
«I play what I play for I can’t
Cry louder than the music I play!»
Dear god says:
«I’m no use without your care
Your help and support!
Be the thorn inside, my heart
Be the child in my womb
Just don’t say you love me»


Who let the love grow old?
And who’s the one that made it pompous?
Even the things I used to love most
They kind of make me throw up
Been so long I don’t wanna be here
Yet I’ve just started to want to go
So, love me, love me, love me



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